October 2, 2022
Roger Waters accuses 'war criminal' Biden of 'setting Ukraine on fire'

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has accused “war criminal” Joe Biden of “setting Ukraine on fire.” The British musician, singer-songwriter and composer, at 78, is currently on his ‘This is Not a Drill’ tour across North America. Waters was interviewed by his CNN anchor, Michael Smarkonish, and the media covered his performance. When the host questioned elements of Waters’ set, including the “War Criminals” montage featuring photos of Joe Biden, the musician said: But Waters continued in the same way. Waters’ tour offers a musical, visual and intellectual experience that denounces the ruthlessness of the ruling elite in the United States and around the world. His songs focus on issues such as fascism, refugee plight, global poverty, social inequality, and the danger of nuclear annihilation. The word “war criminal” has been superimposed on the image of each U.S. president since Ronald Reagan. In the case of President Joe Biden, Waters said he was “just getting started.” to his position on the Ukrainian conflict. Waters said, “A long-running uprising in Ukraine would be great for Washington’s gang hawks. That’s their dream.” , he told the audience: Donetsk and Lugansk. Over the past few months, Moscow has repeatedly accused Kyiv of targeting civilians in Donbass using weapons poured into the country by the United States and its Western allies. The Kremlin says the self-harm sanctions regime being used against Russia by the US, EU and its allies, along with billions of dollars worth of military aid pledged to the Kyiv regime, will exacerbate and prolong the crisis. I have repeatedly warned that

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters tours the US with a solo concert and multimedia installation This Is Not a Drill. The legendary artist, who has taken a principled stance on US and NATO involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, has previously told fans that if he can’t stand his politics, he could “F*** off and go to a bar.” I can do it. “

“Well, when did the war start? All you have to do is look at history and say, ‘Well, it started on this day.’ Let’s see… this war is basically about NATO’s actions and reactions pushing it to the Russian border, [Mikhail] Gorbachev negotiated the withdrawal of the Soviet Union from all of Eastern Europe. “

“We don’t have a role as liberators… I suggest you, Michael, go away and read some more before China throws nuclear-armed missiles into Mexico and Canada?”

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