October 2, 2022
Legislators and candidates react to abortion bill

Evansville, Ind. (WEHT) Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has officially signed the Senate Bill 1 into a law, restricting access to abortion in most cases, outside of rape, incest, and risk to the mother’s health or life.

Today, leaders, candidates, and even businesses are reacting to the new law. One of the state’s largest employers, Eli Lilly, issued a statement saying “Given this new law, we will be forced to plan for more employment growth outside of our home state.”

“The legislation that was passed last night actually makes a statement about Indiana and the protection of life. It had legislation that puts more money and funding to support women, mothers, and families,” she said.

“Ultimately this provides protections for the unborn. It provides support to Hoosier families, especially moms and babies. This bill restores faith in humanity and faith that human life has value,” she said.

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