September 29, 2022
Zodiac Stereotypes: How to Roast Each Sign

Many zodiac stereotypes aren’t true, but when they are, it can be a straight up read. That’s why astrology meme accounts on Instagram are so popular: It’s always amusing to laugh at the things people say about our signs, especially when we know it applies to us. But, even better when we can use astrology to roast our friends.

Aries are the babies of astrology because it’s the first sign of the zodiac. As it turns out, they are baby IRL, too. Immaturity, drama, and tantrums often follow Aries wherever they go — they may try hard to make it seem like it’s everyone else’s fault, but the receipts don’t lie. When your Aries pal is trying to stir the pot, break things up by reminding them that we all know their dramatic ways — don’t throw a tantrum, Aries!

Tauruses are said to be lazy, indulgent, stubborn, and have only one thing on their mind 24/7 — sex. I mean, lounging around all day and dreaming about sex sounds delightful, but someone has to get something done. They love nothing more than doing nothing in an upscale setting, with a tray of their favorite foods. Have a Taurus friend who always cancels plans in favor of staying home with their boo? TYPICAL.

Unfortunately, Gemini’s rep precedes them. If you’re looking for someone to blow up your phone with texts, gifs, and memes all day about nothing of importance or relevance to you — then Gemini is the perfect person to connect with. Don’t worry, half of what they say is actually true and everything you tell them will be spread as gossip to all your mutual friends. 

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