October 4, 2022
YouTube TV adds a highly-requested feature to Android TV and Roku devices

YouTube TV is finally rolling out 5.1 audio support across Google TV, Android TV, and Roku devices this week, the service announced on Twitter (opens in new tab). This comes nearly a year after Google announced the immersive sound experience for YouTube TV subscribers.

While the feature is long overdue, it should be available on Google’s live TV streaming service across many of the best streaming devices, such as the Chromecast with Google TV. Google first introduced 5.1 Dolby Audio support for YouTube TV in June of last year, but it was limited to smart TVs from Samsung, LG, and Vizio, as well as traditional Chromecast dongles.

The latest announcement means you’ll be able to watch content from YouTube TV on your streaming device while enjoying immersive sound. However, you’ll need a compatible speaker system and the program you’re watching should support 5.1 audio.

YouTube TV’s support page (opens in new tab) provides a method for checking whether a program supports 5.1 surround sound. Play a video in the YouTube TV app on your smart TV. After that, go to the player controls and select “More,” then select the bug icon, and “Stats for nerds” will appear on top of the video playback. AC-3/EAC-3 should be listed in the Codecs section, indicating that 5.1 is available for the program you’re watching.

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