October 1, 2022
Your daily horoscope: June 8

No way will the next 12 months be just another year. Your birthday chart reveals you will be moving in a new direction and making many new friends along the way. It may at times be a little bit scary but it will also be a lot of fun.

Life is zipping along at such a good pace at the moment that you may make the mistake of relaxing too soon. Keep on top of your workload and make sure people in positions of power can see you have no intention of taking things easy.

Someone whose outlook on life is more cynical than your own may give you a hard time today and if they do you must not let their negativity get to you. Venus in your sign gives you all the emotional support you will need, so ignore the doubters.

It may seem as if the world is a dark and dangerous place but deep down you know that isn’t true, so have fun today with people whose positive outlook on life mirrors your own. Some individuals enjoy being miserable but you’re not one of them.

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