September 27, 2022
Your daily horoscope: June 11

The choices you make this year won’t be the kind of choices you have made in the past and that will shock a few people. You have finally realized there is nothing to be gained by playing it safe. Whatever your dream is, go out and get it!

No matter how much other people try to wind you up this weekend you must stay calm and make common sense decisions. The only reason they are being so confrontational is because they expect you to overreact, making them look good by comparison.

Make an effort to see things as they really are this weekend, not how other people would like you to see them. As your ruler Venus is linked with changes planet Uranus in your sign your imagination will be working well, but don’t allow it to veer off into fantasyland.

You will be able to persuade almost anyone to do almost anything for you over the next 48 hours but for best results you must focus on the two or three issues that are of most importance to you. Also, keep fact and fiction separate.

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