October 1, 2022
WWE: Corey Graves Is A Must For Edge's Judgement Day Stable

After spending nine years out of the ring, Edge has spent the last two years making up for the lost time. It is no new news that Edge is still wrestling on borrowed time. He missed out on a lot of years due to injury and soon his age may come to get him as well. He had a great feud coming back against former tag team partner, Randy Orton that was concluded in the “greatest match ever.” Since ending the feud, he has had dream matches against names like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and, most recently, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles.

Even the biggest of critics can say that Edge has been on the top of his game since returning and has looked like he hasn’t lost a step. The fans were loving having the old “Rated R Superstar” back in the WWE. It was like he hadn’t changed a single bit. We felt like we had the same old Edge back and even got to see Edge go back to his Brood days. However, Edge may have gotten a little too deep into his brood days. He soon started shifting into a brand new character; a surprising shift after all of these years. Although Edge, always the “ultimate opportunist,” knew it would be the perfect time to change.

Once he started his feud with AJ Styles, Edge turned back to the bad guy that we loved to despise in the prime of Edge’s heel runs. However, this version of Edge wasn’t the egotistical Edge that we knew. This is the Hall of Fame version of Edge as a heel that had reverted to his darker roots in the WWE. Edge doesn’t see himself as the heel. He sees himself as a visionary that can help lead others to greatness. Edge believes that following his vision, any superstar can achieve the greatest version of themselves, and his Judgement Day stable is always open to new recruits.

Edge has offered an open invitation to the WWE roster and even more to follow his mission statement. Under his wing and guidance, Edge promises to take his followers to the top of the mountain. He has promised that anybody that feels like they are being held back and restrained from becoming who they want to be can make their dreams come true. That is where one man has been paying extra attention. Each week that The Judgement Day has made its presence on Raw, Corey Graves is fully supportive of the group’s mission and members.

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