October 1, 2022
Which devices will you use for Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Microsoft recently partnered with Samsung, announcing plans to deliver Xbox Cloud Gaming through supported Smart TVs. That announcement came on the heels of rumors about a standalone streaming device known as “Keystone.” Microsoft appears set to have Xbox Cloud Gaming available on just about anything with a screen. We want to know which devices you plan to use to play titles through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Android and iOS already have Xbox Cloud Gaming options. You can also stream games through Xbox Consoles, which is a great way to get new games on older hardware. PC gamers can join in on the fun as well. Just about the only device that won’t support Xbox Cloud Gaming is the Samsung Smart Fridge — sorry Jez.

Note that you can select multiple options in the poll. Since Xbox Cloud Gaming is about having the ability to play the best Xbox games anywhere and across a wide range of devices, it didn’t make sense to limit the poll to one choice.

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