September 26, 2022
Tipperary chronic pain sufferer: Buying cannabis on black market makes me feel dirty

A Tipperary woman who uses cannabis for chronic pain says having to buy the drug on the black market makes her feel dirty and she wants it to be legal for people in her position to use it.

“Prohibition makes me feel dirty. It’s not fair,” said Ms Brown. “I don’t want to be reduced to that. I should be able to go into an off-licence or a dispensary and be able to choose which strain I want to suit which ailment. 

“Medical cannabis patients and caregivers founded PFSA to overcome barriers to safe access to medical cannabis, end stigma and discrimination against patients, and educate stakeholders on the science and benefits of this natural medicine,” it said, adding that medical cannabis is still in its infancy here. 

“How well our national programme works for patients depends on the decisions lawmakers make right now. The best outcomes come when those affected by policies have a seat at the table.” 

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