October 1, 2022
This hypnotic optical illusion has me stumped

What’s not to love about optical illusions, right? They’re creative, colourful and almost somehow manage to bend your mind. While we’re all for rotating horses and upside-down Elon Musks (to name a couple), there’s nothing quite like those static illusions that trick the mind. 

Today’s brain-frazzling find is a classic optical illusion design that somehow manages to move, despite being a totally still image. As you scroll past this vibrant design, it becomes wavy – and it’s utterly hypnotic. If you’re loving this illusion and fancy diving into some other brilliant designs, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best optical illusions. 

Famous optical illusion designer Akiyoshi Kitaoka (opens in new tab) is the brains behind this trippy brain-bamboozler, which has aptly been named Primrose’s Field. The illusion can be triggered in a number of ways depending on how your mind/eyes work. Some may see it while scrolling past, flicking your eyes quickly over it, shaking your head, or even moving your mouse quickly over the illusion. 

This isn’t the first of Kitaoka’s brilliant designs we have covered. Back in March, Kitaoka designs a mesmerising spinning ball illusion (see below), and one year on we still can’t believe that all these squares are exactly the same colour. Just yesterday we covered Kitaoka’s ever-expanding black hole illusion (yep, it’s just as terrifying as it sounds). 

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