September 28, 2022
5 Things Michael Jordan Was Better Than LeBron James At (& 4 Things LeBron Is Best At)

Michael Jordan versus LeBron James, who is the real GOAT? NBA fans have debated this for years, and it seems like this debate will go on forever. Jordan made an unparalleled impact in the 1990s, but James has worked hard, and through his consistency has caught up to Jordan.

You can like one player more than the other, you can hate one more than the other, but the fact remains that both are once-in-a-lifetime players. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Michael Jordan was better than LeBron James in several aspects of the game, but the latter has outperformed MJ in some things as well.

Michael Jordan was simply incredible in the paint, despite not having an outstanding physique, he was unstoppable. Every time Jordan took flight, two points were practically assured, because blocking him was an impossible mission. He hid the ball in an impressive way, and it seemed that he could walk on air. Also, in those days the defense was very tough, but Jordan still tore it up. Air Jordan was unique in the paint. LeBron is also very good in the paint, as he is powerful, but he can’t compare to Jordan in this aspect.

LeBron James is simply the complete package. He can score, he can assist, he can grab rebounds, he can block, and he has done it all for 19 seasons, showing that his durability is mind-blowing. King James is superior to Jordan in assists per game (7.4), rebounds per game (7.5), field goal percentage (50.5) and three-point field goal percentage (34.6). That said, it’s no wonder James has 105 career triple doubles, while Jordan could only record 28.

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