October 4, 2022
The importance of a strong mandate

Nevertheless, François Legault has ample reason to be concerned about the nature of the mandate he will receive on October 3. It is a question of looking at the side of the Ontario election, this week, to understand it.

Facing colorless and tasteless opposition, Doug Ford was all but assured of victory. His only challenge during the 29 days of the campaign was to avoid a gaffe that would have derailed his campaign.

In fact, with 37% of the popular vote and a participation rate of 66%, the CAQ received the formal support of only 24% of the population in 2018. That did not prevent it from having the free rein to adopt its most contentious reforms on language and secularism.

When it comes to repatriating powers jealously guarded by Ottawa, such as those over temporary workers or family reunification, when it comes to reacting to possible judgments of the Supreme Court of Canada, the traditional chest bombardment of the Quebec government will not be enough. Neither does the tacit consent of the silent majority.

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