September 29, 2022
The Flash season 8: Who is Meena Dhawan, aka Fast Track?

For fans of the comic books, though, we know a good bit about her already. Meena Dhawan is also known as Fast Track or even the Negative Flash on occasion, and she has a pretty interesting backstory. Within the TV show, she could end up being either a hero or a villain depending on how things progress, and it’s a tad too early at the moment to draw any specific assumptions.

What it does seem like is that Barry Allen will be working with Meena in some capacity, and serving as a mentor-of-sorts while she figures out a more permanent way to sustain her speed. Unlike Barry, she is creating her power rather than having it permanently within her.

According to a report from Deadline, this version of Meena will adopt the Fast Track persona. They describe her as “a titan in the scientific community who deftly balances her hunger for envelope-pushing scientific experimentation with a strong moral compass. These qualities lead Dhawan to discover a new way to democratize the gift of super-speed, finally allowing all humankind to reap the benefits traditionally relegated to meta-human speedsters.”

It goes without saying that there could be danger associated with this if the technology fell into the wrong hands, and the promo for what’s coming up suggested that we could be seeing a different version of Thawne. The title “The Man in the Yellow Tie” is a reference to his outfit and on paper, he seems like a rational/normal human being. However, we can assume that there could be something more there underneath the surface.

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