October 4, 2022
That's bananas: Two countries find hundreds of pounds of cocaine in fruit shipments

Four British citizens have been arrested at a rental home in Thessaloniki, Greece, on drug smuggling charges after nearly 600 pounds of cocaine were found concealed in a shipment of the produce from South America, the Associated Press reported Friday. That same day, Czech police announced they had found a large shipment of bananas delivered to several supermarkets in the country contained roughly $63.87 million worth of cocaine, according to Reuters. No official has indicated the two discoveries are connected.

The men allegedly connected to the British drug smuggling operation, ages 38, 45, 48, and 52, were residents of London and Liverpool. A fifth man who is thought to be outside the country is wanted for questioning. The arrests were made as part of an international law enforcement operation involving Italian customs authorities and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Greek officials said.

1/3 Lisované kostky kokainu, v krabicích od banánů, nalezli dnes odpoledne pracovníci supermarketu v Jičíně a Rychnově nad Kněžnou. Kriminalisté zjistili, že zboží stejné šarže bylo distribuováno na několik dalších míst v ČR. pic.twitter.com/V3e7p8hOYu

Drug seizures from banana shipments have been found in a number of other countries. In January, Colombian officials found a shipment of bananas containing over 220 pounds of cocaine.

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