September 26, 2022
Study suggests genetic cancer risks could be enhanced by metabolism

Although the hereditary part of cancer is part of the equation, a study published by the University of Alberta in April examines the role of the metabolism and environmental factors related to cancer risks. 

Dr. David Wishart, a professor with the school, explains that deepening our understanding of how metabolism works and making better lifestyle choices can help lower the chances of cancer.

Wishart says that cancer as a genetic disease are the genetic traits you inherit at birth, while cancer as an environmental disease involves what your body is exposed to throughout your life. And cancer as a metabolic disease is tied to the metabolism.

“It really doesn’t make a difference where the cancer is — it’s something you’ve got to get rid of. It’s how it thrives or grows that matters,” said Wishart. “It becomes a question of, ‘What’s the fuel that powers this engine?’”

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