October 2, 2022
Sonic Frontiers has bad boss battles and jarring pop-in says first preview

Sega had their own version of a Nintendo Direct on Tuesday afternoon, called Sonic Central, but it didn’t really reveal anything of importance, as it rushed through previews of upcoming games like Sonic Origins, the blue blur’s various mobile games, and a dizzying array of new merchandise – from energy drinks to Pez dispensers.

You can watch the whole thing below but there was surprisingly little time spent on Sonic Frontiers, while a teaser of an animated prologue was only a few seconds long and merely confirmed the presence of Knuckles.

Those familiar with the Sonic cycle will know that revealing more of Sonic’s friends is a key part of the process, with a new, and much more revealing, hands-on preview mentioning that Tails and Amy are also in the game.

The new preview was based on four hours of hands-on time and tried to emphasise that despite looking so similar to Zelda: Breath Of The Wild the game is intended to be a pure actioner and not the usual role-playing or action adventure game you’d normally expect of an open world title.

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