September 27, 2022
Some Xbox Gamers Are Getting Free Store Credit

There’s a reason Microsoft has been in the console business for over 20 years. From Xbox Game Pass, the monthly subscription service, to the Xbox Design Lab, where players can create their own custom controllers, Microsoft is seen as a player-focused company.

With regular competitions and giveaways, Microsoft is no stranger to surprising and delighting players. The Redmond company has a dedicated reward platform that is designed for players to earn points so that they can win prizes, which often include exclusive consoles. While the Microsoft Rewards program isn’t foolproof, it is certainly popular with gamers. However, these aren’t the only tactics the Xbox team employs to engage with players.

As noted by Reddit user spidey555, Microsoft is seemingly applying a $10 credit to random accounts. They are urging other players to check to see if they’ve been lucky enough to receive the gift. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has sent out gift cards and the growing list of replies seems to indicate that this is a wide rollout, with games from all over the world confirming that they’ve received the bonus, albeit in their equivalent currency. Reports seem to vary about how much has been added, as one Redditor advises they have had $14 applied.

Microsoft typically sends out small gift cards to players in the build-up to significant events such as E3. With the Xbox and Bethesda showcase in just a few days, the gift cards could be seen as an attempt to tempt players into preordering one of the big Xbox Series X/S releases. Bethesda’s Starfield is set to make an appearance, so players might be tempted to secure a digital copy of the game.

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