September 29, 2022
SNL's Bowen Yang jokes about Fire Island 'failing the Bechdel Test'

Hulu’s new LGBTQ+ spin on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, stars Yang, Joel Kim Booster and Conrad Ricamora, and is about a group of queer friends who gather for a week of love and fun in the hamlet of Fire Island Pines, New York. However, their friendship is jeopardised by a sudden change of events.

The Bechdel Test is used to measure the representation of women in a work of fiction and consists of three criteria: It must contain at least two women, they must interact with each other, and their conversation must be about something other than a man.

Now, Yang has made a joke about the movie’s failure to pass the test with an Instagram post of him with former pornographic actor Robin Byrd, accompanied by the caption: “F- on the bechdel test.”

Many fans argued against Rosin’s tweet, particularly taking issue with her mention of Asian men. One user wrote: “For the love… just let the gay Asian men have their moment.”

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