September 27, 2022
Should you be concerned about monkeypox? Expert says 'stay alert, not alarmed'

MIAMI – Broward Health Interim Chief Medical Officer Joshua Lenchus says that although monkeypox is significantly less infectious than COVID-19, it can impact people who have weakened immune systems because of a health condition or a medication that can suppress an immune response.

Dr. Lenchus says that monkeypox has an extended incubation period of up to three weeks and that during this time, a person may be contagious and not know it, leading to the disease spreading undetected.

“As monkeypox progresses in a person, the usual viral symptoms of fever, headache, muscle aches and exhaustion are joined by two more specific signs: Swollen lymph nodes and a rash that often begins on the face or in the mouth. This rash can be confused with herpes, syphilis or chicken pox,” adds Dr. Lenchus.   

“Monkeypox can be transmitted through bodily fluids or broken skin, touching the rash or coming into contact with infected bedsheets or linens. Monkeypox is more likely to be transmitted through large droplets, such as those exhaled during speaking face-to-face, as opposed to prolonged aerosol transmission of COVID-19 where virus particles can hang in the air even after an infected person has left the room.”

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