September 27, 2022
“Scream” star Matthew Lillard stands up for Neve Campbell after a salary dispute

Matthew Lillard is standing up for his former the meantime Twitter Spaces conversation with Midnite Movie ClubThe 52-year-old actor defended Neve Campbell’s decision to leave the “Scream” franchise due to a wage dispute.

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“Did Tom Cruise spend money? [the ‘Top Gun’ sequel]?? F ** k is no good. So why are women supposed to reduce their doses? Why don’t you pay her more as the series progresses? “Lillard said. “Did’Scream 5’hit or not? It was a big hit. Did they make a lot of money? Yes.”

“Does Neve Campbell have to pay for the work she did in the five franchise films? Yes, because she’s the most successful female leader in the horror franchise,” he continues. , Added that the situation was “angry”.

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