September 30, 2022
Russian 'McDonald's' unveils new logo

The Russian restaurant chain that will take over the fast food joints left behind when McDonald’s ended operations in protest of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been revealed.

Replacing the yellow letter M on a red background that’s helped Russians spot the home of the Big Mac for more than 32 years will be a new logo designed to resemble two French Fries and a hamburger, Russian media reports.

“As a System, we join the world in condemning aggression and violence and praying for peace,” the company said in a statement noting the atrocities being committed by Russian troops in Ukraine as its reason for leaving.

The fast-food giant said it employed 62,000 workers in Russia, who McDonald’s said would continue to be paid despite the store closures. The eatery replacing Micky D’s makes its debut Sunday.

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