September 26, 2022
Review: Sonos Ray soundbar is an easy upgrade that will leave you wanting more

Sonos went a bit further downmarket recently with the Ray, a smaller and cheaper soundbar than the Beam, itself a smaller, cheaper soundbar than the Arc. But while the Ray performs well, it doesn’t quite earn its premium and leaves one feeling that they should have just gone for something bigger.

No one should have to suffer the sound that comes out of TVs these days, especially when you can get a soundbar for under a bill that will be wildly better. Get into the $150-$200 range and you can get a sub as well and some extra features like smart assistant, Airplay and so on. But Sonos knows that its customers are willing to pay considerably more for its slick integration and advanced features.

At $279, the Ray is priced well above other essentially 2.0-channel systems except for the likes of Bose, another brand that generally gets a pass for inflated price tags. But the truth is it’s not really competing against standalone soundbars — it’s competing against other Sonos options.

If a buyer is considering a Sonos setup, and the Ray in particular, they’re not looking at Anker and Sony soundbars — they’re thinking about joining this exclusive smart speaker club and wondering what the best way is to go about it without spending a fortune.

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