October 2, 2022
Reverse mortgage 'unique needs' are better served by customized CRM, vendor says

Cloud-based sales and management platform OptifiNow recently announced its successful implementation into the operations of a reverse mortgage lender, saying that the often catch-all approach used by more general customer relationship management (CRM) software may not be sufficient for a focused business like reverse mortgages.

OptifiNow’s customized reverse CRM platform was implemented into the operations of San Diego, Calif.-based originator Reverse Mortgage Lending. The company selected OptifiNow in order to manage its marketing campaigns, and to track loans in process.

“We were looking for a way to efficiently track our leads and borrowers in a reverse mortgage context,” said Evan O’Dell, president of Reverse Mortgage Lending. “We quickly found out that there are very few CRMs that can support reverse products. We considered using a generic CRM but knew it would be expensive and time-consuming to configure.”

This is when the custom option entered the picture. After having previously constructed custom CRM processes for other reverse mortgage clients which included integrations into reverse loan origination system (LOS) platforms, OptifiNow saw it had an opportunity to cater to reverse lenders more specifically.

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