September 30, 2022
Remarkably Similar Stone Age 'Swiss Army Knives' Found Across Africa Suggest a System of Prehistoric Mass ...

The discovery in southern Africa of numerous ancient “Swiss Army” knives made from stone, all seemingly the same design, suggests widespread communication across the continent an astonishing 65,000 years ago, researchers argue in a new report.

“While the making of the stone tool was not particularly difficult, the hafting of the stone to the handle through the use of glue and adhesives was, which highlights that they were sharing and communicating complex information with each other,” Paloma de la Peña, a senior research associate at Cambridge University’s McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, said in a statement.

This week, an international team led by University of Sydney archaeologist Amy Way, who also runs the Australian Museum in Sydney, published a study on these prehistoric long-distance social ties in the journal Scientific Reports.

Map showing the location of the seven sites analyzed alongside a small selection of the stone tools. Map courtesy of NASA/JPL/NIMA. Drawings by M. Grenet and some photos courtesy of J. Deacon.

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