September 28, 2022
Rare 5-planet alignment will adorn the sky all of June

It is always a larger-than-life feeling to watch celestial activities high up in the sky, be it a solar eclipse, or a shooting star. Sky gazers know that it is not uncommon to spot a couple of celestial bodies, including planets, near Earth. But an even rare occurrence is on the cards as five planets will soon line up next to each other.

Throughout the month of June, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will align in order and can be seen in the early morning hours, according to a release from Sky & Telescope. The five-planet natural lineup can be seen spread across the sky starting low from east to higher up in the south. The last time this occurrence took place was in 2004.

On June 24 you can see an even more beautiful phenomenon. The planets will appear farther apart, along with the crescent moon placed between Mars and Venus. The best time to see them is half an hour before dawn. During the beginning of June, Mercury may be tough to spot but later it will rise higher and be clear on the southeastern horizon.

The alignment last occurred in December 2004. But this year after 18 years, the distance between Mercury and Saturn will be smaller, said the release from Sky & Telescope. This rare celestial wonder will be visible to people around the globe. You don’t even need any fancy equipment to watch it. However, a general prerequisite is that the sky should be clear.

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