September 29, 2022
Quebécois who are not interested in sovereignty say former PQ candidates are currently running for Lego-Montreal

Bernard Drainville commented on Tuesday after being officially introduced as a star candidate on a Levis in the Quebec City area for Prime Minister Francois Legot’s party prior to the summer local elections campaign.

Drainville says the Quebécois have realized that they no longer have a desire for a debate between federalism and sovereignty that dominated the state’s political discourse for nearly fifty years.

Famous radio host Drainville is the second celebrity to defend independence, following former Bloc Québécois MP Caroline Santirail, who recently joined the Union Avenir Quebec.

He is known for presenting a so-called value charter when he came to power with the Parti Québécois in 2013, preventing people wearing religious symbols from working in public institutions.

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