September 28, 2022
Pope Francis' visit to Canada still in works despite Africa trip cancellation

He is expected to deliver an apology to Indigenous people for the Roman Catholic Church’s role in residential schools during the much anticipated visit. He made an initial apology after First Nations, Metis and Inuit delegations met with him at the Vatican earlier this year.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is in regular contact with Vatican officials about the trip set for next month, said Neil MacCarthy, a spokesman for the papal visit and the archdiocese of Toronto.

The trip to Congo and South Sudan was to take place July 2 to July 7. It will be rescheduled for a later date “in order not to jeopardize the results of the therapy that he is undergoing for his knee,” the Vatican said Friday.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has said the Pope is limited in how he can travel. He can no longer ride in helicopters and he can’t be in a vehicle for more than an hour.

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