October 1, 2022
'Peaky Blinders': 6 Questions We Need Answered As The Final Season Comes To Netflix

The Peaky fookin’ Blinders will soon arrive on Netflix for the final season (after viewers across the pond got lucky), and before they retire their razor-edged caps, they’ve got more scheming, more bootlegging, and more Nazis to contend with. It’s been nearly three years since the historical drama found its way into our binge-watching queues, and the show’s fifth season left plenty of questions on the table, questions we hope we’ll get the answer to when Americans can see the sixth and final season.

Whether you need your memory jogged when it comes to failed assassination plots and cliffhanger endings of seasons past, or you just want to see if your final season predictions are on the mark, we’re previewing the gang’s last outing by asking the questions every fan wants answers to.

As he always does, Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) spent most of season five scheming to defeat his enemies and rise in the political ranks of Parliament. Part of that ascension strategy hinged on the successful assassination of Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin) a real-life anti-Semite and Fascist party leader who gained power in the 1930s. Tommy did some deal-making with Mosley early on and even entertained the idea of helping lead his new political party, but it was all a guise. His real endgame was to see Mosley dead, seeing the danger he posed to Parliament and the people of Birmingham. Unfortunately, despite recruiting an expert marksman in his former fellow soldier Barney and orchestrating a well-time riot to explain away the crime, Tommy’s plan to kill the future Nazi sympathizer was foiled by someone close to him. What’s worse? The failed plot ended with the deaths of more than one Peaky Blinder – RIP Aberama. Obviously, Tommy won’t let this betrayal slide, but first, he needs to figure out who the informant amongst his ranks is, and who they’re giving information to. Is it the IRA? The British government? The Billy Boys – the gang that caused so much trouble for the Shelby’s in season five? Whoever it is, they’re on Tommy’s sh*tlist in a big way.

Because Mosley is still breathing that means he remains a clear and present threat to Tommy’s business. It’s unlikely the man knows about the assassination plot, but his cluelessness might make him all the more dangerous. Currently, he thinks he’s got the power in his relationship with the Shelbys and he’s making deals with influential figures in Parliament that could make killing him that much more difficult. Obviously, someone is invested in his well-being – so invested that they went against Tommy Shelby to secure it – and previews for the new season show Mosley partnering with his mistress and future wife, Diana Freeman Mitford, a woman with her own prejudices who helped make connections between Mosley and some of history’s most evil figures – think Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. These two are likely to face off again in season six, but a Fascist poster boy isn’t the only enemy Tommy needs to keep his eye on.

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