September 29, 2022
OnePlus 10 may be in the works after all

OnePlus could be preparing to launch a plain OnePlus 10 after all, according to one leaker.

Yogesh Brar has taken to Twitter to offer the claim that OnePlus is still working on a vanilla model to accompany the OnePlus 10 Pro that launched earlier in the year.

Brar claims that the this non-Pro model will still be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, so it seemingly won’t be another in the spate of recent mid-range Mediatek-powered OnePlus handsets. According to subsequent tweets, this OnePlus 10 – code-named ‘Project Ovaltine’ – will launch some time in July.

When the OnePlus 10 Pro received two separate launches (first in China, then globally) unaccompanied by a regular model, it seemed certain there would be no modestly priced flagship alternative this year. Numerous reports and indications from OnePlus itself suggested that this was indeed the case.

A subsequent spate of mid-range handset launches, including the regionally-limited OnePlus 10R and OnePlus Ace, the OnePlus Nord 2T, and the rumoured OnePlus 10T and OnePlus 10 Ultra, only seemed to confirm the OnePlus 10’s fate.

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