October 1, 2022
One Piece to Enter Final Act This Summer After a Month-Long Break

After decades in print, the time has come for One Piece to bring around its final act. The manga has been busy as of late with its Wano Country saga, but the entry is wrapping up at long last. Now, creator Eiichiro Oda is gearing up for a much-needed break, and he has confirmed One Piece will enter its final stretch when he returns to work.

The update went live just recently thanks to a letter posted by Oda for fans. It was there the creator confirmed he will take a month-long break starting this month. One Piece will be on hiatus from June 27th to July 25th to give Oda a break as he prepares to usher in the manga’s final act.

BREAKING NEWS: With Wano concluding, One Piece will be going on a 1 month hiatus from June 27th to July 25th so that Oda can prepare for the final saga pic.twitter.com/3W9q2kXBkH

According to Oda, he will use his break to rest following all his work on the Wano saga. The artist will also be traveling to Africa to observe the set for Netflix’s live-action series. Oda was meant to visit the set a while ago, but the creator’s trip was delayed due to the pandemic. So as you can imagine, Oda’s trip to the set is incredibly overdue especially since filming is already underway on the project.

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