October 4, 2022
Netflix's No. 1 Movie Has an A-List Actor Cameo

A new Netflix original film shot to the top of the charts this weekend without even spoiling its A-list celebrity cameo. Interceptor is an action drama directed and co-written by Matthew Reilly along with screenwriter Stuart Beattie. Fair warning: there are spoilers for the movie below!

Interceptor stars Elsa Pataky and Luke Bracey, along with a host of other stars. However, going into it most fans wouldn’t know that it features a hilarious cameo from Chris Hemsworth. An action star himself, Hemsworth is practically unrecognizable when he shows up with a slouch working in a department store. He wears his hair and beard long with glasses, helping to obscure his appearance. As panicked customers and co-workers run out of the store, he gets just one line of dialogue: “Wait a second! Where’s everyone – we’re not closing yet!”

In truth, Hemsworth’s cameo isn’t much of a surprise here. First and foremost, he is married to Pataky, the star of the film, so he was clearly close to the project. He was also an executive producer on the movie, and he himself starred in a Netflix action film back in 2020 – Extraction.

Cameos aside, Interceptor is getting mixed to negative reviews so far. The movie has 44 percent positive reviews so far according to Rotten Tomatoes, based on input from 27 film critics. It has an average rating of 5 out of 10, and only 34 percent of audience scores are positive as well.

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