September 27, 2022
NBA Finals: Warriors' Draymond Green appreciates Celtics' Boston 'D' Party

The Celtics showcased the NBA’s top-ranked defense Sunday to finish off the Miami Heat 100-96 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Next up is Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Warriors on Thursday night at Chase Center.

“I didn’t really predict that,” Green said Tuesday. “I just know a little about basketball. If you know a little about basketball and you saw the two teams, I just thought Boston was the better team.”

Green shared that thought on national television immediately after the Warriors clinched the Western Conference championship last Thursday. The Heat reportedly took umbrage with Green’s prediction, and they parlayed whatever motivation they got into a Game 6 win to extend their series to Sunday’s Game 7.

“It wasn’t a prediction or a slight at anybody,” Green added. “I just thought they were the better team, and clearly I wasn’t far off. … With Tyler Herro being out, I didn’t think (Miami) would be able to manufacture enough buckets.”

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