September 27, 2022
Mike Moustakas, Cincinnati Reds search for the little things, Vladimir Gutierrez to IL

Baseball’s an intricate game because everything, down to the smallest detail, matters. A pitch, a heads-up play, or one at-bat can have a profound impact on a game. 

In Saturday’s loss to the Washington Nationals, Cincinnati Reds third baseman Mike Moustakas offered a glaring example of how the little things can evolve into big things. 

Moustakas has been struggling, hitting .111 over Cincinnati’s last 15 games, but his at-bat on Saturday in the fifth inning was a good indication that he might not be far away from finding his form, and sometimes an at-bat doesn’t have to result in a hit to change a game. 

With the Reds trailing 3-2, Brandon Drury hit a leadoff single that was followed by a pair of fly-ball outs to center field from Tommy Pham and Joey Votto. Tyler Stephenson singled and Kyle Farmer walked to load the bases with two outs. 

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