September 30, 2022
Microsoft's New Surface Laptop Go 2 Starts At $599 But There's A Catch

Microsoft has had a fair amount of success with its first-generation Surface Laptop Go, which the company launched at the height of the pandemic in 2020. The product, which Microsoft presented as a more affordable option for consumers who wanted a Surface PC, has finally received a much-needed upgrade for 2022.

On June 1, Microsoft announced the launch of the Surface Laptop Go 2 following a leak about the device earlier in the day. An obvious successor to the original product from 2020, the new laptop continues to be the most affordable offering in the Surface lineup and features several upgrades over its predecessor. These upgrades include an entirely new generation of Intel processors that promise better performance and improved thermals, a much better web camera for improved video calling experience, and a slight improvement in the overall battery life.

Apart from the marginal changes to the hardware, Microsoft has also slightly increased the base prices of the machines from $549 to $599. The model continues to flaunt its compact form factor, with the overall size and weight remaining nearly the same.

With the Surface Laptop Go 2, Microsoft has tried to address an issue that plagued its entry-level machine from the previous generation. Even the base variant of the Surface Laptop Go 2 now boasts 128GB of storage, a welcome upgrade over the paltry 64GB capacity that the older machines came with. What is also new is that the 128GB storage is enabled via an SSD on the base variant as opposed to slower eMMC storage in the first-generation model. Like its predecessor, the top variant of the machine continues to boast 256GB of storage.

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