September 27, 2022
Meta has reportedly paused development of its Apple Watch rival

Back in October 2021, we saw evidence that Meta is developing a smartwatch to rival Apple’s offering. Perhaps the most interesting detail revealed about the hardware was that it would house a front-facing camera capable of recording videos and taking images.

Although we only saw renders of this purported watch, the renders showed a display shaped similar to an Apple Watch – basically square with rounded corners -, interchangeable wrist bands, and a button on the right side of the device. However, a new report now claims that Meta has paused development on this piece of hardware.

Bloomberg reports that Meta’s watch – codenamed “Milan” – had been in development for two years, but employees working on the project were recently informed that the device won’t be put into production after all. Originally, it was planned for release in 2023 with a price tag of $349.

The first one deals with the technicalities of the hardware itself. Bloomberg says that the current prototype also hosted a camera on the back of the display so you could quickly take off the straps and snap some photos at better angles. However, this design interfered with another sensor that used electromyography to translate your wrist movements into controller-like movements. Considering Meta’s big bet on the Metaverse, this was a crucial requirement because it meant that the watch could be used to control digital experiences through hand movements in its vision of the Metaverse.

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