September 30, 2022
MasterChef season 12 episode 4 preview: A true redemption story

Next week on MasterChef season 12 episode 4, we are going to dive into the truest part of the competition. The field will be set and then moving forward, we’ll see a series of individual challenges.

First things first, why not start with a little bit of redemption? One thing that binds all of the contestants this season is that they didn’t end up winning the last time they were on the show. This means that moving forward, they have to try to fix some of their mistakes. For this particular episode, they’ll have to take back on the very dish that previously sent them out the door. For more information on that, go ahead and check out the full MasterChef season 12 episode 4 synopsis below:

All 20 chefs must cook something inspired by the dish that originally sent them home in the first elimination round of the season. The chef that recreates their elimination dish in the most elevated, refined and skillful way wins immunity.

Even though this is a season with returning contestants, we don’t tend to think that there is going to be some sort of fundamental shake-up when it comes to the formula here. MasterChef is the sort of show that knows what it is and because of that, there’s probably not a lot of pressure to change things. The format works for the show, and it’s really up to the contestants at this point to find a little creativity within that in order to properly shine. Those who can rise to the top early will get momentum, and we think that matters on a show like this.

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