October 2, 2022
MasterChef hands out its final batch of aprons in the third round of head-to-head battles

With a wide variety of chefs still left to take their turn in the battle round, it is anyone’s game to win (or lose) in terms of getting a second chance at the MasterChef kitchen.

In the first round, it was former chefs who proved that they knew how to plate a delicious, restaurant quality dish. We had Fred from Season 10 (known for his original audition where Gordan Ramsay licked the plate clean), there was Felix from Season 3, Olivia from Season 6, and finally Bri from Season 10. (And it turns out that Bri and Fred created a friendship that sees them both working together away from the MasterChef kitchen.)

While each of these chefs has taken their time on MasterChef and used it to take their careers to the next level, this time it was a chance to prove once again why they deserved a second chance to win. All four chefs seemed confident in what they were doing and while the judges had some concerns watching them all create their dishes, this was another solid round for these returning chefs.

For round two, it was Season 11’s Alejandro, Season 9’s Samantha, Season 5’s Jaimee, and Season 10’s Keturah. In this round, we have a unique batch of chefs, each with very interesting personalities and ideas about what makes a winning MasterChef dish. During their seasons, each of these chefs had issues, from insecurities, anxiety, and even a neurological disorder that wasn’t diagnosed until after their time on the show.

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