September 27, 2022
'Little People, Big World': Amy Roloff Reveals Hiking Mishap

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff found herself in a bit of a sticky situation during a recent hiking excursion. On Instagram, she showed her fans the pair of jeans that she wore on the hike, and they were a little worse for wear. As Amy put it, she ended up slipping and falling down a muddy hill. 

Amy posted a few photos from her hiking trip gone awry. The first snap featured the jeans that she was wearing when she “slipped and went down the muddy hill.” She explained that her muddied jeans were the result of her wanting to “take a different way on a short hike.” Still, she’s looking on the bright side of the situation. Amy posted a photo of herself and her husband, Chris Marek, and the scenery that they got to take in. 

“What’s a little mud when I have my favorite amazing guy with me and a beautiful back drop of the mountains,” Amy wrote. The Little People, Big World star and her husband are less than a year into their marriage. They exchanged vows in August 2021 during a ceremony that was held at Roloff Farms. Amy wed Marek six years after divorcing her first husband, Matt Roloff, after almost 30 years of marriage. 

Amy’s latest anecdote comes amid some troubles within the Roloff family. There has been some strife between the family members, specifically Matt and his sons Zach and Jeremy Roloff, over the sale of the farm. In May, Matt put up a major part of the farm for sale after negotiations between his sons fell apart. Matt claimed that he wanted to keep the farm in the family, but that Zach and Jeremy “decided not to consider working together toward a possible joint sale.” Zach refuted that claim in a since-deleted message and said that his father was “manipulating the narrative.” Amy addressed the situation in a recent episode of her Little Kitchen YouTube series. 

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