September 27, 2022
LeBron James Wants To Own An NBA Team In Las Vegas

For as long as LeBron James has been dominant within the NBA, he has also shown no desire to just “shut and dribble.” In fact, the four-time NBA champion has recently put plans in motion through his LeBron James Family Foundation to open an I PROMISE medical facility to aid those in need in Akron, Ohio. But, as LeBron James continues to grow his storied NBA career, it seems he has plans to simultaneously further his journey as a businessman.

Staying true to a sentiment he once shared early in his professional basketball career, LeBron James revealed that he has an interest in owning the forthcoming Las Vegas NBA team.

James’ revelation comes on the heels of reports that if the NBA were to expand, the two cities of interest would be Seattle and Las Vegas. The 37-year-old also added that the possibility of owning a professional basketball team “would come sooner than later.”

The Los Angeles Lakers small forward already has his hands in professional sports ownership. He is a part-time owner of the MLB’s Boston Red Sox and the EFL’s Liverpool FC, so owning an NBA team seems like the most natural step for his billion-dollar empire.

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