September 29, 2022
LastPass Goes Passwordless for Desktop Vault Logins

This “passwordless” login replaces a master password as the primary method of authenticating when logging in to a LastPass vault on the desktop. It eliminates the need to remember a complicated passcode on the fly, though you’ll still need that master password to register a LastPass account, verify new trusted devices, or authenticate if passwordless login fails.

In a press release(Opens in a new window), LastPass says it’s the first password manager to embrace a passwordless option backed by the FIDO Alliance(Opens in a new window). The group, where LastPass sits on the board of directors, is focused on developing standards that will “help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords.”

LastPass will support next-gen FIDO2 passwordless biometric face and fingerprint authentication from other authenticator apps and hardware security keys on the desktop later this year. Biometric logins are already supporte(Opens in a new window)d on the LastPass app. (Though as PCMag’s senior security analyst Max Eddy notes, biometric scans aren’t the key to total security.)

LastPass says passwordless logins may convince more people to use a password manager, which is especially important on business accounts at risk of falling prey to hackers.

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