September 29, 2022
'Jurassic World Dominion' review: The worst movie of the series

After being stomped on by “Jurassic World Dominion,” the please-dear-God final entry in the “to dinosaur or not to dinosaur” monster movie franchise, they’re practically fossilized. 

The awful movie is longer than the Cretaceous Period. At two hours and 26 minutes, the behemoth is the heftiest in the 29-year-old series. But size doesn’t matter — “Dominion” is also the worst. 

An hour into this cacophony of CGI and idiocy, Téa Leoni’s cloying shrieks from “Jurassic Park III” begin to sound like a soothing symphony orchestra. Bryce Dallas Howard sprinting through the jungle in high heels in the 2015 film? Oscar-worthy.

“Dominion,” instead of using its exorbitant runtime to wrap up the story — OK, at the end a few people kiss — introduces cockamamie, completely unsatisfying conflicts that are only tangentially connected to dinosaurs. 

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