September 29, 2022
Jack Del Rio exits Twitter

The situation that culminated in a six-figure fine for Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio first surfaced with a comment he made on his Twitter account. And now his Twitter account has been deleted.

With the first public hearing of the January 6 committee looming, Del Rio tried to equate the insurrection to the unrest of 2020 in a tweet posted on Tuesday. The next day, he called the events of January 6 a “dustup at the Capitol” during a previously-scheduled press conference.

There’s going to be a lot of comments to come about how his “free speech” was silenced. But we all now what this is: he got caught saying/doing something dumb–repulsive, really, but people like calling other people stupid, so let’s go with it–and is in hiding to avoid the shame. We all do it. Your white privilege is still intact, not to worry!

So it was OK to burn cities by BLM, but a few 100 people are pissed because the election was a screw job. Some calls the Insurrection nonsense out and he gets fined. River boat Ron is a Facist.

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