September 26, 2022
Is Edge's Judgment Day Stable Just A Rip Off Of The House Of Black?

One of the most interesting things on WWE television right now is Judgement Day. Consisting of Edge, Rhea Ripley, and Damian Priest, the group has three of the top names on the roster, and teases have been made that there will be more additions to come in the near future.

It is the kind of dark, cult-like gimmick that the WWE is no stranger to and has used multiple times in the past. Interestingly though, many comparisons have been drawn between Judgement Day and AEW’s House of Black.

It had looked like AEW had pulled off a major acquisition in the form of Malakai Black, who the WWE had never managed to find the best role for. Incidentally, someone like him would have been a perfect fit for Judgement Day.

Black started brilliantly in AEW, establishing himself as a fan favorite in a feud against Cody Rhodes. His presentation was something unique, and combine that with the fact that the AEW fans had completely turned on Cody, and it proved to be a recipe for success.

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