October 4, 2022
Hot Tweets: Should Glover Teixeira retire after UFC 275?

If Glover beats Jiri Prochazka tonight, he should 100 percent retire. There won’t be a better note for him to go out on. He won the title long after everyone gave up on him, then defended the belt against the new “it” guy, again against the odds. That’s the most storybook ending imaginable. Unfortunately, I doubt he’ll take it.

Based on how Teixeira has been talking, my best guess is that he still feels like he has more to give the sport, and let’s be honest, he does. Teixeira doesn’t need to retire because he can’t compete. So win or lose, if he wants to continue fighting and picking up paychecks, that’s on him. But it’s not how I’d go about things.

Now, if he loses, Teixeira definitely should not retire. If you can’t tell, I’m a big supporter of ending your career on a high note and getting knocked out by Jiri isn’t that. If Glover loses and wants to have a retirement tour, the UFC should absolutely give him a softball matchup, at a location of his choosing to go out on.

He’s definitely not surpassing Jon Jones, Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, or Wanderlei Silva. You could probably make an argument that Glover has beaten better opposition but it doesn’t really matter, all those men mean too much to the sport to pass. The same probably goes for Quinton Jackson, Shogun Rua, and Frank Shamrock. But the really interesting case, for me, is Daniel Cormier.

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