September 27, 2022
Here's Your Best Look at Joel and Ellie in HBO's The Last of Us Yet

Filming is due to conclude imminently, but here’s arguably your best look at Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as iconic duo Joel and Ellie from HBO’s The Last of Us TV show. We’ve seen photos of both actors on set before – and even an official still, courtesy of Naughty Dog – but this image finally evokes some real feels.

There’s no release date attached to HBO’s The Last of Us yet, but it threatens to be one of the biggest TV events of 2023. Sony seems well prepared, as there are rumours Naughty Dog’s applying the finishing touches to a remake of the original game – with a release date reportedly imminent. Hopefully we get to see more of the show soon, as filming finally comes to a conclusion.

Woah, they’re wearing normal clothes just like the game! I can’t believe how incredibly accurate to the game those outfits are, even cosplayers can’t get that right.

Pedro Pascal does a very good Texan accent. He pulled it off amazingly in both Narcos and Kingsman 2. I honestly believed that’s why they picked Pascal. Matthew McConaughey has the best Texan accent (makes sense he’s Texan) but his body build doesn’t match Joel’s. Pascal can do the accent and also matches Joel’s physical build.

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