October 4, 2022
Here's A Sneak Peek At The Sonic Frontiers: Prologue - A New Animated Special Coming Later This Year

Sega’s latest ‘Sonic Central’ broadcast went fast, but there were a lot of announcements throughout it. One of the highlights was the reveal of the Sonic Frontiers: Prologue.

This is a new animated special featuring Knuckles and will take place before the events of Sonic Frontiers. The “entire short” will be shared later this year, and well…that’s all that’s really been shared.

Apart from this, IGN’s preview has also shared a little more about the story in Sonic Frontiers – referencing Sonic’s team members Tails and Amy (thanks, Tails’ Channel):

“After flying into a wormhole with Tails and Amy, Sonic finds himself separated from his friends and all alone on an isolated island, with nothing but an AI voice guiding him to collect the Chaos Emeralds.”

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