October 2, 2022
Hell in a Cell: Cody Rhodes Headlines First WWE PLE Without Roman

Cody Rhodes gets a shot to prove his drawing power tonight at Hell in a Cell, where his match with Seth Rollins is at the top of the card with Roman Reigns now embarked on his Brock Lesnar style part-time schedule. Will Rhodes prove up to the task? There’s only one area where we’d bet against Cody Rhodes, and that’s in the area of expecting him to make a heel turn just because the crowd is booing him. Here’s everything happening tonight at WWE Hell in a Cell, and our sardonic predictions of how it will all turn out.

In the third of his trilogy match with Seth Rollins, we expect Cody Rhodes to pick up his third victory, turning WWE’s usual 50/50 booking strategy on its head. WWE must really believe in Cody Rhodes (or really hate AEW) (or both) to put him in this exalted position. If you count on one thing tonight, it’s that Cody Rhodes will blade like no one has ever bladed before, and maybe light himself on fire for good measure… if WWE will allow it.

One of the two women’s belts WWE cares about will be on the line tonight when champion Bianca Belair defends against Asuka and Becky Lynch in a triple threat match. After Belair retains tonight, it’s unclear who’s even left for her to feud with. Maybe Naom— no, no, that won’t work. How about Sasha Ba– no, not that either. Hmmm… Okay, how about this: Bray Wya– no, wait, we’re saving that one for later in the article. Ah, let’s just keep this one going until SummerSlam.

The whole Ezekiel angle has been a bright spot in the usually dismal WWE creative, so we expect them to beat it into the ground until it’s no longer enjoyable for anyone. So expect Ezekiel to win tonight and Kevin Owens to spend until SummerSlam feuding with him about whether or not he’s Elias.

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