September 28, 2022
Focusrite joins the podcasting conversation with new Vocaster audio interface range

NAMM 2022: Focusrite wants to talk about its new Vocaster audio interface range, which is designed specifically for podcasting. This comprises two devices, both of which promise great audio quality and to “remove technical hassle”, leaving you to get down to some serious chat.

Despite their simplicity, Vocaster One and Two (as they’re known) also come with podcast-friendly features such as Auto Gain, which will set your levels, and an Enhance feature to ensure that your voice sounds crystal clear. Three presets are included here to make things even easier.

There’s also a Mute button, so that you can quickly silence your mic if you need to, and a Loopback feature that enables you to stream pre-recorded segments (interviews, jingles, background music, etc) from your computer.

Speaking of which, the companion Vocaster Hub software enables you to set up, record and mix your show. An additional suite of software, worth over $600, is included, too.

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