September 26, 2022
FAQ: Password Managers and 2 Factor Authentication

Friends and family often ask me why they should use 2 factor authentication and a password manager. They want to stay secure but don’t understand why these measures are important.

In this article, I’ll try to provide some insight into how criminals steal account credentials and tell you how to keep yourself as safe as possible. It is targeted towards people who know absolutely nothing about cybersecurity. If you follow me here or on Twitter, you won’t learn much. Email this to your grandparents!

No one can tell you how to never ever get sick, that’s not possible! There is no set of protocols that will keep everyone safe 100% of the time. Instead, we tell you optimal tradeoffs that you can use to live your life while staying as safe as possible. Sometimes we give advice that will result in fewer people overall getting hacked, if everyone takes the precautions we suggest. Sometimes our advice may not be applicable for your unique situation.

Most people mainly need to worry about scammers as opposed to stalkers or other criminals who want to target you in particular. The nice thing about scammers is that they just want to make a quick buck in the easiest way possible. That means they always go for the lowest hanging fruit. By using 2 Factor Authentication and a password manager, you’re making yourself a difficult target. Even if a scammer does go after you, they’ll have to spend a lot more time on it, giving them less time to steal from others!

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