September 26, 2022
Fall Guys Reveals New Sonic the Hedgehog Collaboration

During today’s Sonic Central presentation, Sega revealed that Fall Guys will be getting a new collaboration with Sonic the Hedgehog. Fall Guys fans might remember Sonic and Knuckles skins were previously released in the game, and both will be made available once again. However, this time around, Sonic and Knuckles will be joined by Miles “Tails” Prower! While footage of the collaboration was featured during today’s Sonic Central presentation, the skin based on Tails was not featured. Hopefully developer Mediatonic will have more to show as the collaboration draws closer.

Sonic the Hedgehog x Fall Guys – Gameplay TrailerThis August, players can take the form of Sonic, Knuckles and Tails with the all-new Sonic collaboration in Mediatonic’s massive multiplayer battle royale game, Fall Guys, which will be free to play on all platforms on June 21st

While long-time Fall Guys players might question why the game is receiving another Sonic tie-in, it does make a bit of sense. After all, Sega’s blue blur just appeared in a hugely successful new movie, and it’s been a while since these skins first released. More importantly, Fall Guys is set to release on Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms later this month; this collaboration will be the first time that players on those systems will have the chance to snag these Sonic skins. Adding a new one based on Tails is a way to make the whole thing more appealing to everyone!

If Mediatonic really is bringing these Sonic skins back specifically for Nintendo and Xbox users that missed out, it will be interesting to see if the developer does that for other collaborations. Last year, Sega and Mediatonic collaborated on a promotion centered around Super Monkey Ball, which is a franchise that has deep roots on Nintendo systems. Perhaps the game’s AiAi skin will similarly make a return. For now, Fall Guys fans will just have to wait and see!

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